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Private home cuisine and creative local dishes using Miaoli's local ingredients will certainly make your mouth watering and want to try again.

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Miaoli Map Nanzhuang Township Tai'an Township Jhuolan Township Dahu Township Shitan Township Sanwan Township Toufen Township Zhunan Township Zaoqiao Township Touwu Township Gongguan Township Tongluo Township Sanyi Township Yuanli Township Tongziao Township Xihu Township Miaoli City Houlong Township
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Welcome Beef Noodles

Opening time10:30-21:30

AddressNo. 28, Zhongzheng Road, Tongluo Village, Tongluo Township, Miaoli County


Nabulesi Restaurant

Opening time11:00-14:00;17:00-21:00

AddressNo.30, Yingcai Road, Miaoli City


Shih Tai Hotel

Opening time11:00-14:00;17:00-20:00

Address1F., No. 251, Minzu Road, Fuli Vil., Miaoli City


Dushidi No. 1

Opening timeSaturday 10: 00-20: 30; Sunday 10: 00-18: 00

AddressNo. 9, Xinying, Xinying Vil., Miaoli City


Liyu (Cobia Fish) Snacks

Opening time11:30-14:00;17:00-21:00

AddressNo. 239, Xiangshan Road, Touwu Township, Miaoli County


Young Lake Resort

Opening timeMonday to Friday Holidays, holidays 10: 00-18: 00 (weekdays open more than 10 people to make an appointment)

AddressNo. 9-19, Xiaotongluo Quan, Tongjing Vil., Sanwan Township


Master Chen's Restaurant

Opening time每日開放

AddressNo. 197-2, Heshan Vil., Gongguan Township , Miaoli County


Yunnan Restaurant

Opening time10:00-20:00

AddressNo. 102, Xindian Village,, Shitan Township, Miaoli County


Chuan Chia Pao Restaurant

Opening time11:00-14:30;17:00-21:00

AddressNo.18-1, Lane 79, Chang'an Street, Miaoli City


Lotus Lily House

Opening timeOpen daily

AddressNo. 332, Nan Vil., Gongguan