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Sightseeing in Miaoli takes you from culture to scenic wonders, for the natural sceneries and diverse eco-resources here are unmatched anywhere in Taiwan. Miaoli is the only place with four train stations, the home to Taiwan’s oldest oil well, and best woodcarvings, pristine beaches, temples, and ceramic kilns, plus many, many more. Seven themes, seven different ways to have fun! Let’s go, let’s discover the new Miaoli!

Tri-township Recreational Farming Tour

Known for its wood sculpture culture since Japanese colonialperiod, Sanyi and nearby Dahu and Tongxiao have formed a magnificient natural view with the nostalgic Old Mountain Line, full of the aroma of wood sculpture, farming paths, and energetic fruit farms.streets full of our warm humanity.

Dahu, Sanyi, Tongxiao

A Trip to Ceramic and Kilin Arts

Founded by its agricultural output, Gongguan, Tongluo, and Xihu always represent the simplest side of Hakka villages. Other than the extraordinary achievement in agriculture, these places also devote to promoting their farming resorts to deliver the charming humanity observed from the fields. From the cultural museums to art temples, you will be more than satisfied to explore our Mother Earth from the tour.

Gongguan, Tongluo, Miaoli, Sanyi

The Hot Spring and Fruit Picking Tour

The best time to pick fruits is when they are ripened to perfection. The taste of sweet red strawberries bursting into your mouth, soaking-in the warmth of hot springs in the middle of winter, these are just some of nature’s secrets to wellness.


A Visit to Famous Mountain and Ancient Temples

Situated on the east-north bound of Miaoli County, Toufen Township, Sanwan Township, Nanzhuang Township, and Shihtan Township portray a vivid cultural atmosphere of small towns surrounded by mountains. With spectacular view of mountains and clear rivers, both of the forest paths and the solemn temples are worth exploring.

Toufen, Sanwan, Nanzhuang, Shitan

A Cruise From Seaside to Mountain Side

Tongxiao, known as a salt producing place, and Yuanli, a place of reeds, both have traditional Hakka atmosphere built through their historic god stove, cultural museum, and nostalgic streets full of our warm humanity.

Tongxiao, Yuanli

Along the Lakeshore and Trail Ways

Presenting the original historic trails, traditional cultural museums, and folk beliefs, Mingde reservoir is considered a precious spot with rich ecosystem and cultural charm.

Touwu, Zaoqiao and Miaoli

A Trip along the Coast

Depending on their rich natural resources, Zhunan and Houlong provide not only the charm of fishing port, but a broad pasture where visitors can get to know the beauty of our Mother Earth. This route combining historic spots, humanity, and art is definitely worth visiting.

Zhunan, Houlong