In the blossom season and along with the harvest season,the celebration of aboriginal culture,a legendary and still bustling rituals are open in spring,summer, autumn and winter one after another,just to assure that Miaoli is interesting all year round!

Tung blossom festival and weddings

Every April and May, for two full months, Tung flowers bloom throughout Taiwan, especially in the Hakka settlements in Miaoli County.They are so beautiful that they are nicknamed the “snow of April/May.”

TimeEvery April and May

AddressVarious townships in Miaoli

Firefly Ecology Tour

During April to May every year is the best season to watch fireflies. Thousands of twinkling fairies are out in the field and hovering among bushes and trees. It is a stunning that will impress kids as well as the adults.

TimeEvery April and May

AddressMiaoli City

Peach and Plum Festival

Every May and June, peaches and plums are harvested in the many tourist farms along Miaoli County Route 130, Sanyi Township.To promote the season and invite people to taste the fruits, the county government also holds a variety of fun activities.

TimeEvery May and June

AddressMiaoli County Route 130, Sanyi Township