Tri-township Recreational Farming Tour

Dahu, Sanyi, Tongxiao

  • Tri-township Recreational Farming Tour

Known for its wood sculpture culture since Japanese colonialperiod, Sanyi and nearby Dahu and Tongxiao have formed a magnificient natural view with the nostalgic Old Mountain Line, full of the aroma of wood sculpture, farming paths, and energetic fruit farms.


Tongxiao is among the earliest seaside town in Taiwan. When the Tongxiao River was still wide and deep, merchants would come here by boat. Business activities were so frequent that this little town was named “Tongxiao,” meaning “open day and night.” It is also known as a “small Iran” in Taiwan because it produces 80% of the nation’s gas.



Sanyi Township is featured by extending low hills covered with camphor trees and a century-long history of wood carving. In fact, it is considered the first town to have a wood carving industry in Taiwan.

Sanyi Wood Sculpture Museum Flying Cow Farm More than fresh fruits: a strawberry-inspired culture


The idyllic Dahu Township produces high-quality strawberries and tangerines. During the harvest season, strawberry farms are open to visitors along every road in Dahu.