A Trip to Ceramic and Kilin Arts

Gongguan, Tongluo, Miaoli, Sanyi

  • A Trip to Ceramic and Kilin Arts

Delicate ceramics and artworks rich in local flavor were produced under the crafty hands of artists, and are preserved as testimony to the history of traditional industry.


Miaoli is long known as a mountain town to many. Its Jiangjun Mountain, a.k.a. “General’s Mountain” in Chinese, is especially famous for its verdant woods and blooming flowers. A biking path starts here and passes by the Martyr’s Shrine and Lo Fu-hsing bronze statue. Bikers can enjoy the idyllic views of Miaoli along the way.

A Trip to Ceramic and Kilin Arts


Gongguan Township produces Chinese red dates, strawberries and persimmons. A walk in this agricultural town is simply leisurely and enjoyable. Because the climate here is especially suitable for growing Chinese red dates, many local farms have been turned into tourist date farms, which is unique in Taiwan.


October is the taro harvest time in Tongluo Township. If you like taros, this place is not to be missed. The secret to the tasty taros of Tongluo lies in mineral-rich water from Houlong River. It is also with farmers’ dedication that the taros are especially delicious—sometimes as creamy as ice cream!


In Taiwan and around the world, Sanyi is the equivalent of wood sculpture art. Many visitors have come a long way to Sanyi to appreciate its wood sculptures. The wood sculptures of Sanyi are inspired by life. This makes them accessible to both experts and the general public. It is also because of this universal inspiration that these sculptures have become an important tool for Sayi to reach the world, both art and economy wise.