The Hot Spring and Fruit Picking Tour


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The best time to pick fruits is when they are ripened to perfection. The taste of sweet red strawberries bursting into your mouth, soaking-in the warmth of hot springs in the middle of winter, these are just some of nature’s secrets to wellness.


Zhuolan Township is located at the midstream of Daan Stream. Mild climate and fertile soil make Zuolan a perfect place to grow fruits. In fact, it has long been the “township of fruits” in Taiwan for its quality products. Zhuolan is also noted for its many tourist fruit farms open in harvest seasons.

Dahu Strawberry


The idyllic Dahu Township produces high-quality strawberries and tangerines. During the harvest season, strawberry farms are open to visitors along every road in Dahu.

The Hot Spring and Fruit Picking Tour


Taian Hot Spring is a carbonic acid spring. Steaming, milky water runs all year round, without the scent of sulfur that hot springs normally have. Take a beauty bath here and feel your skin smoothened by spring water!