Along the Lakeshore and Trail Ways

Touwu, Zaoqiao and Miaoli

  • Along the Lakeshore and Trail Ways

Enjoy an interesting encounter with history! Visit the crystal clear Mingde Reservoir, see former railways displayed in museum, travel by bicycle, and sample the still delicious snacks.


Mingde Reservoir in Touwu Township supplies water to both households and factories. It covers 200 hectares of land and is 8 meters in diameter. Two suspension bridges cross the reservoir surrounded by green mountains. Sip a cup of coffee at the Jihsin Café and enjoy some relaxing hours in the middle of the lake!

Mingde Reservoir and New East Bridge


Miaoli is long known as a mountain town to many. Its Jiangjun Mountain, a.k.a. “General’s Mountain” in Chinese, is especially famous for its verdant woods and blooming flowers. A biking path starts here and passes by the Martyr’s Shrine and Lo Fu-hsing bronze statue. Bikers can enjoy the idyllic views of Miaoli along the way.

Along the Lakeshore and Trail Ways


Shangri-la in Zhaoqiao Township is an entertaining theme park. Its graceful European gardens, exciting facilities, cool water activities and dazzling shows will suit every family visitor’s need.