Miaoli in Perspective

Issuing Time 2016/10/27
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Star Miaoli Heading For the World

Miaoli is a renowned international tour destination.As Miaoli sets its firm steps by welcoming growing number of tourists, tourism-related businesses boomand the local population share happiness, sense of honor and world vision.

Miaoli is not only a major tour destination in Taiwan, it ranks atop its competition in industrial and commerce, education, agriculture, social welfare, communications, social security, environmentalprotection, aboriginal affairs and sports, a 5-star administration. By hosting the world-class tenor JoséCarreras concert, River Dance and Flame Dance, Ming Hua Yuan Arts & Cultural Group, the concertfor Paul Potts, Britain's Got Talent champion, Disney Classics and the Taiwan Lantern Festival amongother international shows, Miaoli is today a renowned city for its image of quality as it keeps onmarketing the brand of Miaoli, Taiwan.

Miaoli will build 3 international tour routes on top of the 7 golden tour routes that exist:

  1. The Zhonggang River is to connect the Qiding Beach in Zhunan, the Toufen Backyard Garden, theTongjing Village in Sanwan and the Lion Head Mountain and Nanzhuang.
  2. The Houlong Riveris to link the Waipu Fishing Port in Houlong, the Health Education Center, Farglory Park, the HighSpeed Rail Qingshui Corridor, the Mingde Reservoir in Touwu, the Tung Blossom Park in Tongluo, theHakka Utopia in Chuhuangkeng in Gongguan, the Dahu Strawberry Culture Museum and the Tai'anHot Spring Area.
  3. The Daan River is to join the Tongziao Beach, the Flying Cow Ranch, theMartial Arts School, the Sanyi Wood Sculpture Museum, the Old Mountain Line, Dahu and Jhuolanwill keep on building its tourism as part of the integration of new tourist resources and the effort ofpromoting Miaoli's quality tour.
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