Yingtsai Academy

  • Yingtsai Academy
  • Yingtsai Academy
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Total:NTD 50 Group ticket (20 or more): 30 yuan preferential votes (the county people):NTD 20 Admission: 1. Children under the age of six. 2. A physically and mentally handicapped person with a physical or mental disability and his accompanying companion. 3. People over sixty-five.
No.700, Xingang 3rd Rd. Houlong Township, Miaoli County 356 Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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The “Yingtsai Academy” has been designed to show the best features of the Minan architecture and the old academies around Taiwan. Yet it is not just a copy of historical architecture, but a re-creation and even innovation of it. For instance, its size and scale were built to fit its surroundings—this is a traditional architectural thought. Yet the academy’s spatial structure and its façade are just partially inspired by old-time architecture; modern concepts have been blended in to give a refreshing feel. The water pond, the bridge and the garden are an innovation of traditional literary landscape design. The academy now operates on a sustainable basis. It continues to introduce canonical literature through all kinds of events. Sometimes it holds arts, cultural and holistic events, too. This is a “historical building / historical site that truly breathes.”