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Gongguan Township
Gongguan Township produces Chinese red dates, strawberries and persimmons.A walk in this agricultural town is simply leisurely and enjoyable.
Because the climate here is especially suitable for growing Chinese red dates, many local farms have been turned into tourist date farms, which is unique in Taiwan.
The parameter of the Golden Town includes Guannan Village, Fuxing Village, Fuji Village an...
No115-1, Fuxing Vil., Gongguan Township, Miaoli County
longitude:120.82746   latitude:24.47962
Known as the country of "decorative pottery" and "diesel-burning pottery&qu...
No.352,Guandong Vil, Gongguan Township, Miaoli County
longitude:120.82841   latitude:24.48957
Located by Houlong River in Kaigong Village, Gongguan Township, this is where the first oi...
No.36, Kaigong Vil., Gongguan Township, Miaoli County
longitude:120.85634   latitude:24.46001
A complete collection of early silk industry. The Taiwan Seri-Apiculture and Entomology Ed...
No.261, Guannan Village, Gongguan Township, Miaoli County
longitude:120.82804   latitude:24.49499
The Wugu Culture Village is an eclectic mix of the spirit-of-wholegrain, Hakka culture, an...
No. 117-5, Yugu Village, Gongguan Township, Miaoli County
longitude:120.82230   latitude:24.51765
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