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Magistrate’s Notes

Bright Miaoli, Focus of Taiwan

Miaoli County Magistrate Xu, Yao-chang

A renowned tourist destination for its rich scenic resources, Miaoli invites you to checkout its mountains, rivers, good air and hospitality of its people, all elements that keep people stay and coming back. Wood Sculpture City, the only wood sculpture hub in Taiwan worth visiting for its exhibits; the TRA Old Mountain Line, a potential world heritage for its cultural attraction; the local authentic Hakka cuisine; the Tung blossoms, the lakeside views, the beauty hot springs or the large variety of fruits are contributions to the diverse Miaoli tour that will surely make your visit unforgettable. 

Thanks to repeated efforts and marketing campaigns, Miaoli is becomes known to both local and international visitors as a piece of treasure. To Taiwanese visitors, Miaoli is a Hakka-style vacationing destination when it comes to getting away from bustling cities.

As Miaoli will keep on upgrading its tourist resources on an ever-changing basis, theMiaoli Travel Guide is a vivid reminder of the charming century Miaoli has come.

In the publication, Miaoli is showing its charm in a revolutionary perspective. Known as the beautiful island, sparkling Miaoli, we are endeavoring to see Miaoli thrive as visitors keep coming back for depth fun as Miaoli becomes a major star shining on the international stage all the time. 

Miaoli County Magistrate Xu, Yao-chang


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Last updated on: 2019-08-06
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