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Zhuolan Township Office (The starting point) → Shei-Pa National Park Wenshui Visitor Center → Tai'an Tai'an Police Villa(The turning point) → Shei-Pa National Park Wenshui Visitor → Hsinchu Bus Dahu station (The destination);
Along the way through Dahu city,Wineland Resort,Xishuikeng Tofu Street,Ayatal Indigenous Cultural Park,Longshan tribe hot spring area…etc.


  • Mon.~Fri,Five shifts back and forth every day;Sat.~Sun.,Four shifts back and forth every day.
  • The first shift on Saturday and Sunday is 05:50 for the student train, not driving.
  • The whole line "stop with the call, wave along the way can get on the bus."

stop with the call

Fares and payment methods

  1. Taian township residents charge 15 yuan per trip, non-taian township residents charge 20 yuan per trip.
  2. Cash or electronic ticket on board.(EasyCard)
  3. No tickets are sold on the bus, no change.

Bus No. & Timetable

(Reference: Taian Township Office)

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Last updated on: 2021-11-22
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