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Zhuolan Township Office (The starting point) → Shei-Pa National Park Wenshui Visitor Center → Tai'an Tai'an Police Villa(The turning point) → Shei-Pa National Park Wenshui Visitor → Hsinchu Bus Dahu station (The destination);
Along the way through Dahu city,Wineland Resort,Xishuikeng Tofu Street,Ayatal Indigenous Cultural Park,Longshan tribe hot spring area…etc.

  • Mon.~Fri,Five shifts back and forth every day;Sat.~Sun.,Four shifts back and forth every day.

*The first shift on Saturday and Sunday is 05:50 for the student train, not driving.
*The whole line "stop with the call, wave along the way can get on the bus."

Fares and payment methods

  1. Taian township residents charge 15 yuan per trip, non-taian township residents charge 20 yuan per trip.
  2. Cash or electronic ticket on board.(EasyCard)
  3. No tickets are sold on the bus, no change.

(Reference: Taian Township Office)


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Last updated on: 2019-10-08
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