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1. Introduction

Flip over all of the fast pace; the making of slow city atmosphere is around every corner all over the world.It originated from Orvieto, Italy in 1999, and slow food gradually developed into slow city. It is the life philosophy based on health and ecological conservation instead of a lifestyle that sacrifices economic benefits for slowness. It is a series of economic behaviors focusing on local production and consumption and is helpful for the development of literature and history preservation, tourism and travelling, and public participation. It is a sustainable project to enhance life quality.

Nanzhuang Township and Sanyi Township in Miaoli County, Taiwan were awarded the certification and recognition by the headquarters of Cittaslow International in Orvieto, Italy in February, 2016. They are the only cities in Taiwan that are with "dual slow city". Visitors can enjoy the lifestyle of slow city Sanyi through the experiences of eating, drinking, playing and entertainment.

2. Slowness in Nanzhuang

The unique mountain forests and climate conditions in Nanzhuang make it a rich origin of precious agricultural produces. It owns good rural appearance creation, such as cherry blossoms scheme; ecological environment maintenance, such as the establishment of Nanzhuang fish conservation trail; also the transportation planning of Taiwan Tourist Shuttle. It is a good place to spend your holidays and enjoy green hills and clear water.

  • historical building maintenance and cultural inheritance
  • ecological environment maintenance

Nanzhuang Township owns the feature of multiple ethnic groups, including Atayal, Say-Siyat, Hakka, and new immigrants; historical building maintenance and cultural inheritance, such as century-old post office and traditional weaving process passing on by Walo Industrial and Cultural Museum; abundant produces of vegetables, fruits, flowers, trout, and mushroom. In the past few years, the County Government has been actively promoted "local production for local consumption" and "nature farming and organic agriculture". Therefore, the establishment of B&B, villa, and restaurant are everywhere, and it has become one of the key features. The township has become a potential "slow city with excellent agriculture and cultural leisure park.

3. Slowness in Sanyi

The "Sanyi Woodcarving Art City" is applied as the major international scenic spot in order to promote Sanyi as the "New highlights of international tourism in Taiwan". Sanyi is a good place for artists to partially isolate themselves from society. The wood craftsmanship and natural indigo dyeing are the characteristics of Sanyi.

  • Remains of Longteng Bridge
  • Old Mountain Line Rail Bike

International Woodcarving Art Festival is held every year in Sanyi, and various activities that are with the feature of Sanyi slow city have been combined with the festival to invite the public visiting for an in-depth exploration. During the period of activities, there are tourist shuttles specifically for tourism in order to facilitate visitors. What's more, the Old Railways Culture with International Tung Blossom Village for Hakka New Appearance Project is one of the excellent rural appearance projects that Country Government actively creates. 

Due to villagers' high environmental awareness, they develop business within the limitation and preserve natural appearance. People are simple, honest, and hospitality in Sanyi and it makes Sanyi a beautiful place with lots of human touch. It is an excellent choice for tourism. 

4. Certification Indicators
Cittaslow-SANYI Cittaslow-SANYI Cittaslow-NANCHUANG Cittaslow-NANCHUANG Miaolislow-Slowness Indicator >Miaolislow-Slowness Indicator Miaolislow-Salute the snail Miaolislow-Salute the snail
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