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Taiwan Tour Bus

If you don’t have the time to collect information to plan your exciting trip to Taiwan, you can take one of the “Taiwan Tour bus” package journeys, a joint collaboration by the Tourism Bureau, MOTC, and local operators. These packages take tourists domestic and international to hot destination spots nationwide, and are ready to depart with 2-or-more persons signing-on (some routes require 4 people). They are convenient, don’t require any insurance coverage or itinerary planning, and have pick up/drop off services at hotels, airports and stations. Everything from roundtrip transportation, language tour guide (language services in Chinese, English or Japanese), to travel insurance are all included. They make sightseeing easy, and offer in-depth experiences to see the beauty of Taiwan!

There are two journeys dedicated to Miaoli among the many offered by the“Taiwan Tourbus”, one “Miaoli Nanjhuang and Hsinchu Neiwan Day Trip” by Best Travel departs from Taipei City, and the other “Miaoli Dahu, Flying Cow Ranch, and Sanyi Day Trip” by Marshal Travel Services leaves from Taichung City. All the bus journeys require advance reservation. The journeys are mostly half day or 1 day basis, however it is possible to arrange for a 2~3 day package if bundled with lodging together.

Travelers please inquire with your travel agent for journey routes and specifics, and complete your reservation one day before departure.The “Taiwan Tourbus” takes you to the most charming places in Miaoli, such as to Nanjhuang to see the Old Street, Sanyi for wood sculpturing, Dahu for a trip of fruit-picking, or bonding with the kids by going to the ranch; every season is the best season to discover Miaoli.

Tour Itinerary:

Nanzhuang Hakka Cultural Tour in Miaoli County (one-day tour)

Taiwan Tour Bus Information:

  • Marshal TourBus:TEL (04)2301-5590
  • Best Travel:TEL (02)2596-1280
  • Tourism Bureau, M.O.T.C. Domestic Travel Division (04)2331-2688
  • Tourism Bureau 24-Hour Toll-Free Travel Information Hotline: 0800-011-765


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Last updated on: 2024-04-29
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