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Maolimiaow (Miaoli Cat) represents Miaoli (meuˇlid in Hakka dialect). By picking the sound miaow (meow) which is homophonous to cat in Mandarin, the mascot appears in the image of a leopard cat (Prionailurus bengalensis) featuring large round eyes, raised angle of mouth (angulus oris), lively whiskers, and an always innocent and cheerful temperament.

The true identity of Maolimiaow is a Marketing Section staff of the Miaoli County Government. Its duty is to appear in all kinds of publicity campaigns and promote new products, new sightseeing spots, and new policies, hoping that all citizens in Taiwan can fall in love in Miaoli and experience the beauty of this happy and slow city.

Mascot Wood carving Mascot Harvest Mascot Aboriginal Mascot High-speed rail Mascot

Endorsement activities

  • 2015 Miaoli Traditional Art Festival
  • 2016 Miaoli Endorser, Taichung International Travel Fair
  • 2016 Tung Flower Wedding and Press Conference
  • 2016 Miaoli Pet Adoption Platform Opening Ceremony
  • 2016 National Disabled Games


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Last updated on: 2020-04-27
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