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  • April、May Firefly Ecology Tour

    During April to May every year is the best season to watch fireflies. Thousands of twinkling fairies are out in the field and hovering among bushes and trees. It is a stunning that will impress kids as well as the adults.

    Location:Dawo, Dahu Township

    Firefly Ecology Tour
  • April、May Tung blossom festival and weddings

    Every April and May, for two full months, Tung flowers bloom throughout Taiwan, especially in the Hakka settlements in Miaoli County.

    Location:Various townships in Miaoli

    Tung blossom festival and weddings
  • May、June Peach and Plum Festival

    Every May and June, peaches and plums are harvested in the many tourist farms along Miaoli County Route 130, Sanyi Township. To promote the season and invite people to taste the fruits, the county government also holds a variety of fun activities.

    Location:Sanyi Township and Taian Township, Both sides of roads such as Miao Line 130 and 62

    Peach and Plum Festival
  • May、June Pumpkin Expo

    The well-received Zhaoqiao Pumpkin Expo has been held for years to promote locally produced pumpkins.

    Location:Zhaoqiao Township

    Pumpkin Expo
  • June Miaoli Houlong Watermelon Festival

    Highly nutritious and watery, watermelon is a perfect fruit for a hot summer day. Houlong’s land is full of sands. Thus, the watermelons here are all sweet and big. In fact, Houlong’s farmers have been growing watermelons for a long time. During the Japanese Rule, an emperor loved Houlong’s watermelons so much that he named them “the best melons of Taiwan.”

    Location:Houlong Township

    Miaoli Houlong Watermelon Festival
  • June、July、August Sanyi Woodcarving Art Festival

    In Taiwan and around the world, Sanyi is the equivalent of wood sculpture art. Many visitors have come a long way to Sanyi to appreciate its wood sculptures.

    Location:Sanyi Township

    Sanyi Woodcarving Art Festival
  • July Red Dates Festival

    Gongguan, Miaoli, boasts a specialty food that is found nowhere else in Taiwan – red dates. Every year during summer, it is the peak season for harvesting red dates. The Miaoli County Government, the local Farmer’s Association, and members of the leisure and recreation industries cooperates during July and August, the harvest season of red dates, on organizing interesting Red Date Cultural Tourism Festival that includes local tourism, local culture, farmers’ market and art exhibitions.

    Location:Gongguan Township

    Red Dates Festival
  • July、August Ocean Festival

    The summer, ocean and a cooling night…what else is missing? –A wonderful fest that comes with dazzling fireworks shows and popular music performances.

    Location:Yuanli, Zhunan and Tongxiao Townships

    Ocean Festival
  • August Fruit Tourism Festival

    Bunches of glistening grapes are the sweetest violet temptation in summer. Juicy and succulent top-grafting pears are delicious and satisfactory upon every bite. Tasty, rich in fiber and natural vitamins, these healthy fruits will cheer you up and cool you down!

    Location:Jhuolan Township

    Fruit Tourism Festival
  • October Chrysanthemum and Taro Festival

    Autumn is the harvest season of taros and the flowering time of chrysanthemums. To celebrate the two local products and promote tourism in Tongluo Township, the Chrysanthemum and Taro Festival is held every October in the Zhongping Village.

    Location:Tongluo Township

    Chrysanthemum and Taro Festival
  • September Pomelos Festival

    Pomelos are the most festive fruits for Mid-autumn Festival. Xihu Township is famous as the town of pomelos. Driving through the pomelo orchards where the pomelo trees are loaded with big, ripe fruits, isn’t the sweet and tart scent mouthwatering?

    Location:Xihu Township

    Pomelos Festival
  • November Taian Hot Spring Festival

    Taian Hot Spring is located in the Wensui River Valley among Henglong, Niaozui and Huzi Mountains. It was discovered by chance in 1908 by indigenous Ayatal people during a hunting trip.

    Location:Taian Township

    Taian Hot Spring Festival
  • November Sweet Potato Cultural Festival

    Xihu Township, Miaoli, boasts breath-taking landscape, pure air, clean water and fertile land, so the pomelos, sweet potatoes, black goats, Xihu rice that grow there are well-known high-quality farming produce. There are 50 hectares of sweet potato plantation in Xihu. The Taoyuan No.1 rice, Tainong No. 57 rice and Tainong No. 66 rice are especially delicious and well-known. The rice-related products are well loved by the people as well. Xihu iced sweet potatoes even won the first place in the “U

    Location:Xihu Township

    Sweet Potato Cultural Festival
  • December Dahu Strawberry Festival

    The strawberry harvest season is also the season of Christmas, New Year, winter vacation, Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day.

    Location:Dahu Township

    Dahu Strawberry Festival
  • February Bombing Han Tan Ye & the Dragon

    The Hakka people celebrate the New Year from the 1st of January until the 15th, the Lantern Festival. In celebration, many special festivities are held in the religious centers of Miaoli, a major Hakka township.

    Location:Miaoli Sanyi

    Bombing Han Tan Ye & the Dragon
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