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Sanyi TownshipFuten house villa

Hospitable B&B
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Futen-house Villa B&B is located in the Leisure Agriculture Area of the historic Mountain Route of Railroad, Sanyi Township, at Miaoli Highway 49-1 where connects Longteng Broken Bridge and Shengxing Station. Amid luxuriant woods next to Shengxing old railroad, you can find an independent red brick building, "Futen-house Villa," hides in the woods and appears particularly eye-catching. Toiling over to reclaim the land of Futen-house Villa and cultivating every tree and flower personally, the host couple hope to provide a natural environment for future generations and to present completely the organic and ecological perspectives of the Fulton- house Villa to the public. In particular, in every season of Tung Blossom, the natural forest barrier of Futen-house Villa presents a hazy sea of snow white flowers of the April. It is breathtakingly beautiful. Futen-house Villa covers an area of ​​two hectares, which focuses on environmental constructions of returning to the original forests. In the vast hinterland of the eco-park, the green land of forest includes organic orchards, ecological purification ponds, and has planted Lagerstroemia subcostata, maples, Taiwan Gordonia, etc., throughout. The natural environment often attracts the nesting of Taiwan Blue Magpies, Taiwan Barbets, Gray-cheeked Fulvetta, among others, in the park of Futen-house Villa. Every visiting visitor is able to experience the fun of living in the mountains and the leisure of recreational mode, to enjoy the idyllic countryside, and artistic creations of Hakka village, and to stroll in an open paradise of blue sky and green land. Come to Futen-house Villa, allow the hosts to elaborate the Sanyi culture / Monuments / Art / Nature, and to make carefully a custom journey package for you, featuring a natural hinterland of 16,500 square-meters for the parent-child ramble, tea party for a few friends, lovers' stroll, health programs for the seniors, and enjoying the calm space of the mind. Feature forest landscape log cabins, elegant coffee house, outdoor pavilion lounges, ecological lotus ponds, orchards, goose pond, and coffee tree trails, in addition to exclusive spacious suites. In Autumn, coffee beans turn ripe; visitors may also enjoy the pleasure of picking coffee beans. Visitors can experience all park facilities and activities, and because of this attitude of careful management, the Villa won consistently high praises from travelers. The innkeepers adhere to make Futen-house Villa a happy accommodation that the tourists to Sanyi cannot miss.

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Last updated on: 2018-12-27
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