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Taiwan Tourist Shuttle service

Fun without worries with the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle service: A trip to Nanzhuang will take you to explore this slow city with fun

Located in Miaoli, Nanzhuang Township is considered to be a fairyland in western Taiwan. In Nanzhung, there are multicultural fusion, magnificent natural landscapes, and historical and cultural heritage. There, you will see the vigor of nature and ecology, witness the progression of history and culture, and encounter the charm of cultural pluralism. More important, the abundant agricultural specialties and featured gourmet foods are the taste that visitors and connoisseurs will never forget.

Nanzhuang has passed the certification of Citta slow International HQ in Orvieto, Italy, to become a citta slow for its carefree and relaxing living environment and leisure and quiet living space. Visitors longing for a slow city life should travel to this certified international slow city in Taiwan and explore the “slow” pace in Nanzhuang and experience its charm as a slow city.


Taiwan Trip has planned the main route – Nanzhuang Route. Visitors can travel to Chunan Railway Station of Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA) and change to Nanzhuang Route of the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle at the station’s East Exit to start their slow city trip. Chunan Railway Station is TRA’s southbound transit station to Miaoli and the interchange of TRA’s Mountain Line and Coastal Line. It is also very convenient to get to Chunan via National Freeway 1 and National Freeway 3. Therefore, Chunan is an ideal start for visitors from afar to visit Nanzhuang.

After arriving at the Nanzhuang terminus of Taiwan Tourist Shuttle, visitors can begin strolling across the Guihua Lane as shown in the stroll map at a slow pace and taste local specialty foods: dumplings with sweet olive wine, Mother-in-Law dougan (dry bean curd), Yijayi (One Cream Puff) Japanese handmade egg rolls, etc. After Guihua Lane, visitors can turn to the Nanzhuang Old Post Office and the borough head residence in the Japanese period for an ujikintoki kakigori (Japanese-style matcha shaved ice) to feel the vintage Japanese flavor. Visitors can also visit the Nanzhuang Cinema Restaurant to see an old film and taste authentic Hakka dishes at the same time to experience the life in early Nanzhuang thriving for the mining industry.

Nanzhuang Route

Zhunan Station (East Gate) Northern Miaoli Art Center Shang Shun World Miaoli Motor Transportation (Toufen Station) Toufen Backyard Garden (Dou Huan Ping) Sanwan Lion's Head Mountain Historic Trail Entrance Longmenkou(Quahua Temple) Gueijhuling Nanzhuang Junior High School Nanzhuang Nanzhuang Visitor Center

Bus Information:

Fare ■ We accept: easy card, ipass/Pay by cash on the bus, fare of one way ticket will be charged at exact mileage.
  1. Half tickets are available to: Senior citizens at the age of 65 or above,Disabled,Children below 12 years old at height of 115cm and below 145cm.
  2. Children at the height of 115cm or below or children below 6 years old but at the height above 115cm.
Where to buy Ticket on Bus; Ticket counterTicket counters at Toufen/ Nanzhuang Bus.
Service Hotline Miaoli County Governtment Tel: 886-37-374375; Service Hour: 08:00~17:00
Miaoli Bus Tel: +886-37-662111Service; Hour: 09:00~17:00

Please visit more details:Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Nanzhuang Route

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Last updated on: 2024-04-29
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