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The Miaoli County Government, in collaboration with Giant Taiwan, initiated the Miaoli Bike Sharing System Service Plan, also known as“YouBike ”. 

YouBike is more than a convenient transport for short-distance commute. You are encouraged to explore a city, including its cultural spots and delicious food stands, with YouBike. What an ideal way to appreciate a place slowly.

YouBike is available in Miaoli City, Toufen City, and Zhunan Township - these are the most densely populated areas of Miaoli County.



Time Price
4 hr / Per 30 mins NT$10(See Notes 1&2)
4-8 hr / Per 30 mins NT$20
8+ hr / Per 30 mins NT$40


  1. It will calculate to 30 mins if using is less than 30 mins.
  2. Miaoli County Government will give free to use as a grant to YouBike member for first 30 mins.The grant deadline is Jun 30, 2019 .
  3. The bikes may be rented and returned across places in Miaoli County and Hsinchu City (including Hsinchu Science Park), without cross-area arrangement fees.
  4. We will charge an authorization fee of NT$2,000 from your credit card when you rent a bike for once. After you return the bike, in 7-10 working days, we will return the fee to your credit card account. Please contact your credit card issuer if there are any questions.
  5. The bicycle card must contain NT$1 or more if you wish to rent a bike. Please keep the card well. If you lose it, call our customer service immediately. You may add or delete a card record via our kiosks, website, or App.
  6. When you return the bike, if there is not enough money in your card, we will charge the fee the next time your rent one first. Once the procedure is completed, swipe the card again to rent a bike.
  7. If you rent/return the bike across cities and counties, from Miaoli to Taipei City/New Taipei City/Taoyuan/Taichung/Changhua, we will charge an arrangement fee. The exact calculation of the fee is listed on our website.

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Last updated on: 2024-04-29
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