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Tongziao TownshipGongtian Temple, Baishatun

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A grand pilgrimage of Goddess Matzu.

A center of local religious belief, constructions for the Gongtian Temple initially began in the 2nd year of Emperor Tongzhi of the Qing Dynasty but did not completely finish until 1989, to the resplendency today.

Every year the believers of Matsu Goddess of Baishatun walk for almost 400km to Beigang Chaotian Temple in Yunlin, for “Offering Incense”. This religious ceremony has been listed as one of Miaoli County’ folk culture assets.


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TEL: 886-37-792058

Business Hours: Daily open

Address: Baidong Vil., Tongxiao Township, Miaoli County

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Last updated on: 2019-08-05
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