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Zhunan TownshipCoastal Forest Park

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Zhuann Coastal Forest Recreation Area features an old whistling pine tree forest. It is not accessible to visitors as a tourist beach, since water is too deep. Its long, straight coast is however ideal for chasing waves and watching the sunset against the Taiwan Strait. The scenery alongside is graceful, and the wild whistling pine trees and palm trees provide lots of shades. Visitors may take a walk or ride a bike to appreciate the natural views. Families with children are encouraged to spend a summer day here.

The area is in fact divided into Forest for Families, Forest for Holidays, and Forest for Elders. From Qiding Beach in the north to Zhonggang River Outlet in the south, the coast is about 8km long, covering 150 hectares of land.

Forest for Families: A range of outdoor facilities made with raw wood can be enjoyed here, such as suspension bridges, slides, and wood piles. Children can enjoy themselves freely here. Parents can also have outdoor fun in this area.

Forest for Holidays: There are a range of pavilions, tables and chairs for visitors to picnic or just take a rest. A few well-planned bicycle paths lead to the other two forests. The bicycle paths are ecologically paved with dirt and stones - they look rather primitive. Since the coastal park is shared by coastal forests, in the summer, not much sunshine can get through, and in the winter, northeastern monsoons are also kept away. No matter the season, it is comfortable to take these paths.

Forest for Elders: The facilities here are mainly for slow leisure purposes. In the colorful lotus pond at the entrance, there are swimming wild ducks. Other than pygmy water-li, there are also a few different water plants, such as narrow-leaf cat-tail. This area is great for children to take field trips.


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TEL: 886-37-462101

Business Hours: Open daily

Address: Zhonggang River Estuary, Zhunan Township, Miaoli County

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Last updated on: 2022-02-11
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