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Zhunan TownshipNorthern Miaoli Art Center

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On the basis of balance development of whole area in Miaoli County, and to create a cultural space which fuses with beauty, art and recreation, the founding of Northern Miaoli Art Center is greatly advanced by Miaoli Government. Initially, it aims at the integration of art resource, promoting local humanities and artistic temperament. Regional cultural characteristic to be recognized by national wide is another emphasis as well. The bringing-in of culture across straits and international , will make Miaoli County a place full of enjoyment for culture life.

“Northern Miaoli Art Center” is a modern building with 5 floors above and 2 floors underground, the square measure of whole building is 92.55 acres , defined as a performing location up to “County and city level” accordingly. There are 1,090 seats for Performing Hall, 230 seats for Experimental Theater, Audiovisual Center, Outdoor Performing Stage, Exhibition Area and Artist Studios are mapped out. Suitable for all kinds of music, drama, dance performing, exhibitions, workshops and large-scale gatherings.

Due to the substance of art not only visual and audio, but also the actual experiences from artistic events participation of viewers. In the near future, operating principles of NMAC will be running from “operation management” and “events planning”, to blend locally cultural and creative industries, and strengthen the power further. Our focus lies on “artistic exhibition and performance”, “educational pass-down”, and “culture leisure" three aspects, to construct NMAC as a development core, serving local residents first, then extend to Miaoli County, even the art-lovers all over the country.


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TEL: 886-37-612669

Business Hours: Daily Open 09:00~17:00

Address: No. 206, Gongyuan Rd., Zhunan Township, Miaoli County

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Last updated on: 2012-12-14
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