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Sanyi TownshipMountain of Flames and Nan’an Old Trail

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  • Mountain of Flames and Nan’an Old Trail

Mountain of Flames provides rare badland scenery. It is characterized by bare rocks, especially fiery red cliffs that make the place look extraterrestrial. Looking at it from afar, it seems the mountain is on fire. Mountain of Flames is hailed as the Grand Canyon of Taiwan.

Mountain of Flames is at just 602 meters above the sea level. Most of its hiking trails are paved with dirt and rocks. Most uphill sections provide shades of trees, and thus they are cool and comfortable to walk on. Some sections are however narrow, steep, and prone to earthquakes, as if they were against some cliffs.


Natural Ecology

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TEL: 886-37-872801

Business Hours: Daily Open

Address: Nanshi, Yuanli Township, Miaoli County

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Last updated on: 2022-08-30
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