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The Hot Spring and Fruit Picking Tour

The best time to pick fruits is when they are ripened to perfection. The taste of sweet red strawberries bursting into your mouth, soaking-in the warmth of hot springs in the middle of winter, these are just some of nature’s secrets to wellness.

  • Tips for taking a hot spring bath:
  1. Take off clothes: Take off all your clothes before your take a hot spring bath. Put your clothes in a basket along with a big towel. Take a small face towel to the bath area.
  2. Wash your body: Before hopping in, remember to wash your body. If there are no showering facilities, take some hot spring water out from the bathing pool with a small basket.
  3. Warming up: Clean yourself with spring water helps to keep warm. Pour the water on the corner of the chest that’s farthest from your heart. After getting used to water temperature, pour more water to your upper body. This will keep blood from gathering up suddenly in your brain, which may cause dizziness.
  4. Go into the bath pool: Doing light exercises in the pool is beneficial to metabolism. However, as the pool is open to all bathers, be sure not to disturb others with large physical movements.
  5. Enjoy a rest: After a hot spring bath, no shower is needed. This will keep the effect of the spring water long. To restore physical strengths after a hot spring bath, which actually demands much energy, rest for at least 30 minutes and drink lots of water.
  6. Reminder

    Tourists please take note of the different fruit-picking seasons in advance; refrain from dipping more than 30 minutes each time in the hot springs. 

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Last updated on: 2019-10-09
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