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Sanwan TownshipYouju Leisure Farm

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  • Green grass close to nature
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Leaning against Yongheshan Reservoir in Sanwan Township, Miaoli County, the farm not only enjoys fresh water from the reservoir but also boasts a panoramic view of it. The mountain and water scenery is nothing ordinary.

As its Mandarin name “Youju” suggests, the farm is famous for growing organic tangerines, and visitors may pick a few dozen kinds of fruits at the farm, such as grapefruits, pomelos, and honey tangerines. Youju is a certified “Jiyuanpu” farm.

The farm is planted with fresh mountain vegetables and herbs such as Chinese mahogany throughout the seasons. Equipped with certified accommodation, an open-air cafe, a restaurant, round-the-mountain hiking trails, BBQ and camping zones, and a fishing pond, the farm is ideal for visitors young and old. Here, one can readily enjoy vast green meadows, open views, and organic fruits and vegetables. During the day, visitors may explore Sanwan and Nanzhuang or ride a bicycle around a nearby lake. At night, they can drink, sing, or savor tea. Youju is perfect for families and even colleagues and groups.


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Relevant Information

TEL: 886-37-832779

Business Hours: Open daily

Address: No. 12-1, Beikeng, Sanwan Township, Miaoli County

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Last updated on: 2022-02-11
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