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Romantic hydrangea festival to kick off in small-town Nanzhuang

Release date:2019-05-29Number of Readers:764


Celebrating the 2019 Year of Small Town Tourism, Tri-mountain National Scenic Area Administration is scheduled to hold the 2019 Romantic Hydrangea Festival in world-renowned slow-life town - Nanzhuang Township of Miaoli County, from June 1 to July 13. All visitors are cordially invited to explore the nine flower sites of Nanzhuang: Nanzhuang Visitor Center, Shisanjian Old Street, Yuanlin Village, Nanjiang Waterfront Plaza, Nanfu Village, Tianmei Village, Longmen Entrance Hiking Trail, Penglai River Fish Conservation Hiking Trail, and Walu Industry Culture Museum. During the festival time, on all Saturdays, visitor events are held at Nanzhuang Visitor Center, such as flower arrangement classes, tasting of flower desserts, and open-air performances. All visitors are encouraged to explore the charm of Nanzhuang.


Romantic hydrangea festival to kick off in small-town Nanzhuang


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Last updated on: 2019-06-04
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