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The Retrospective Exhibition at Miaoli Dianzai Fringe Festival 2021-2022 is Open

Release date:2022-12-07Number of Readers:304


From December 3rd to January 1st 2023, the Culture and Tourism Bureau of Miaoli County Government will hold its biennial (2021-2022) Retrospective Exhibition at Gongfa Company, which is part of the Miaoli Dianzai Fringe Festival in-residence cooperation program. We sincerely invite art and literature lovers to visit the selection store sharing beauties in life and take pride in the way the people of Miaoli work hard and persevere in daily life.


The Miaoli Dianzai Fringe Festival is hosted by Miaoli County Government. It was held for the first time in early 2021 when it included four wonderful performances. This was expanded to six performances in 2022, and ended in October. The Retrospective Exhibition explores the experience of arts and culture in Miaoli from the ups and downs during the epidemic to just before the outdoor mask mandate was lifted. The Miaoli Dianzai Fringe Festival will continue to provide diverse and creative performance platforms for music, dance and drama; it will also establish alliances with featured stores in different businesses and work with local food and catering outlets to present events that invite visitors to go outdoors, embrace art and culture and enjoy a new viewing experience.



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Last updated on: 2022-12-30
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