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The Laid Back Life Style In Miaoli Attracts More Than 6.5 Million Tourists Annually

Release date:2023-02-17Number of Readers:668

There are currently five recognized “Slow Cities” in Taiwan and two of them, Sanyi and Nanzhuang, are in Miaoli County, which attracts more than 6.5 million domestic and foreign tourists each year. Wood carvings, hot springs and Hakka cuisine are the county’s main tourism attractions, and establishing a connection to local identity and sentiment enables visitors to have a more in-depth experience.

Even if it is not a holiday, 70% of the people visiting the Sanyi Old Mountain Line Rail Bike route are tourists, and the most popular route C is often sold out right after the online reservation system opens for bookings. This is only the second railway travel route in Asia other than Gangchon Rail Bike track in South Korea.

Old Mountain Line Rail Bike

(Data source:Hakka TV, Hakka Affairs Council)

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Last updated on: 2023-02-24
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