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Miaoli County Government and The Miaoli Tourism Association Visited the Singapore Autumn Travel Fair to Promote Miaoli Tourism

Release date:2023-08-14Number of Readers:260

In mid-June, Miaoli County Government and Miaoli County Tourism Association attended the "2023 Singapore Autumn Travel Fair” to promote tourism. The travel fair grand opened at the Singapore Expo Center on August 11.

The exhibition ran from August 11-13, and included a B2B tourism promotion meeting on August 14. Miaoli County Government was represented by the Culture and Tourism Bureau, and local industry led by Miaoli County Tourism Association and the Homestay Development Association. It was hoped that the travel fair would help to promote the beautiful mountains, rivers and customs of Miaoli.

From the county magistrate personally leading a delegation to Singapore at the beginning of this year to the Miaoli Tourism Association’s participation in the travel exhibition, tourism-related operators in Singapore and Malaysia have been a focus for the Miaoli tourism industry. At present, through the assistance of Miaoli and other county and city governments in central Taiwan, familiarization trips are scheduled to visit Miaoli and other counties and cities in central Taiwan from August 20-26, 2023. This four-day, three-night trip is aimed at encouraging more tourists from Singapore and Malaysia visit Miaoli's beautiful mountains, rivers and customs, while continuing to move towards a vision of a high-tech tourism county.

Singapore Autumn Travel Fair

The County Government and Miaoli Tourism Association Visit the Singapore Autumn Travel Fair.

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Last updated on: 2023-08-29
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