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Zhi Baishan Motel

3 star
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Zhi Baishan Motel is right in front of the Zhunan Station, Miaoli. If you turn right on the Guangfu Rd. and keep going for approx. 1km, you can see our motel. The location of Zhi Baishan Motel is in the vicinity of the Zhunan Industrial Park, Guangyuan Science Park and Zhunan Science Park and conveniently connects to the Sun Yat-sen Freeway, Formosa Freeway and West Coast Expressway. The graceful and peaceful environment is your best choice for traveling and going on business trip to Zhunan, Miaoli. Zhi Baishan Motel is built with reinforced concrete construction and meets every possible fire safety standard. The rooms are well-equipped, including whirlpool tubs for two, heating/cooling air conditioning and free WiFi. Welcome you to experience our kind services and clean environment by yourself. There are numerous scenic spots around Zhi Baishan Motel , such as Dahu strawberry garden, Mingte Dam, Tai'an Hot Spring, Lavender CottAge, Shangrila Paradise, Nanjhuang Scenic Area, Shitou Mountain, Taiwan Beer Factory, Cihyu Temple, Longfeng Temple, Wugu Temple, Tung-Hsiao West-Educational Sea World, Flying Cow Ranch, Sihfang Ranch, Qiding Haishui Yuchang, West Coast Wind Farm, Nanliao Harbor, etc. You can taste fresh sea food and admire sunset at Longfeng Harbor at the end of the day.

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Last updated on: 2018-12-27
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