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Slowness in Sanyi

Since 1950, Sanyi has created the artistic miracle in just 60 years. The woodcarving industry is prosperous and developing. The works include natural vision of rare wood, and the processed decorations, including screens and animals. Sanyi people processes the natural root of camphor trees, and brings the nature from the forest to the mountain city. Sanyi elaborates the characteristic of Hakka culture that loves the mountain forest. The only way to appreciate the attractions of Sanyi is to follow this approach: Hakka villages, railways, and woodcarving. Welcome to Sanyi and experience the strong Hakka customs.


Sanyi Township is located at the junction of Da-an River alluvial plain and Houyenshan. The major factor affecting the climate of Sanyi is the monsoon. With the barrier of mountain, the Occasional Monsoons is blocked at Da-an River. The cold and warm air meet here and always form dense fog.

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Last updated on: 2020-05-13
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