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Nanzhuang TownshipSay-Siyat Cultural Museum

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  • Say-Siyat Cultural Museum
  • The Museum of Saisiat Folklore
  • Exhibition room

Saisiat is a minority of the indigenous people in Taiwan. They mostly live in the Wufeng Township of Hsinchu County and the Nanzhuang and Shitan Townships of Miaoli. The Saisiats are divided into two subgroups, the northern and the southern. Because their people are few, it is rather difficult to preserve the Saisiat culture. Hence the Miaoli County Government, with subsidies from the central government, set up this museum by the Xiangtian Lake to pass the legacy down.

Saisiat photography, handicraft and food culture exhibitions are to take place soon. The county government expects it to be an international institution that offers highly diverse content. 


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【Fare】Full fare: NT$30 Group fare (20 persons or more): NT$20
Relevant Information

TEL: 886-37-825024

Business Hours: Tue.~Sun. 09:00-17:00

Address: No.25, 16th Neighborhood, Donghe Nanzhuang Township, Miaoli County

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Last updated on: 2023-01-11
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