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Tai'an TownshipHenglong Historic Trail

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  • The stele
  1. Beginning/end: Longshan Tribe of Tai’an Township - The triangle tip of the North Peak of Henglong Mountain
  2. Length: 2km; time: 90 minutes for a single trip
  3. Route: Hiking entrance → the old frontier defense station → the defense hut → the viewing platform → E-shaped triangular point

Henglong Historic Trail used to be a hunting path of Ayatal Siwasik people of Longshan Tribe. It is thus also known as the Siwasik Historic Trail. It has been a transport path between Longshan Tribe and a Nanzhuang deer hunting ground.

From Miaoli County Road 62, passing by Longshan Tribe and till Henglonshan Industrial Road, there is the hiking entrance of Henglong Historic Trail. At the entrance, there is a big stone monument that says “Henglong Historic Trail.” Visitors may take the stone steps to go uphill in a “Z” way.

Along the tail, there is a vine tunnel and a bamboo forest road. From time to time, pheasants pop out from road-side bushes. Old frontier defense huts and a supervising station which the Japanese built to suppress indigenous Ayatal people during the Japanese Rule can also be found. At the viewing platform, looking towards the west, one can enjoy views of Dahu, Zhuolan and Tongluo. The North Peak of Henglong Mountain is the final destination of this journey. The mountaintop provides extraordinary scenery, including panoramic views of the Tiger Mountain and Shei-Pa National Park.


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TEL: 886-37-941025

Business Hours: Open daily

Address: Henglong Historic Trail, Tai’an Township, Miaoli County

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Last updated on: 2022-02-11
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