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Tai'an TownshipAyatal Indigenous Cultural Park, Miaoli County

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  • Heritage Museum
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  • Ayatal musical instruments
To more actively preserve and promote the Ayatal culture, the county government recently established the Ayatal Indigenous Cultural Park which demonstrates the Taian Hot Spring and the Ayatal culture at once. The park is equipped with a museum, a parking lot, and a hot spring foot bath.

The museum is home to a collection of photos of Ayatal cultural rites and a comprehensive introduction of the history of the Taian tribes. Wood sculptures, rattan tools, traditional garments and musical instruments are on display. A night-time forest zone and traditional bamboo huts can also be explored through fun guided tours. There is an outdoor hot spring foot bath. On weekends and holidays, indigenous arts and cultural performances are held on the square. Delicious tribal food can be purchased from food stands there.

Spend your vacation here to immerse in the diverse Ayatal culture!

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Relevant Information

TEL: 886-37-941805

Business Hours: Tue.~Sun. 09:00-17:00 (closed on Mondays)

Address: No. 46-3, Yuandun, Tai’an Township, Miaoli County

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Last updated on: 2021-03-12
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