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December is the strawberry month in Dahu

Release date:2019-12-14Number of Readers:704

Throughout Taiwan, about 600 hectares of land are grown with strawberries, and 80% of it is in Dahu. In fact, both the town’s volume and worth of production of strawberries are the highest in the country. In Dahu, visitors can pick strawberries themselves, or buy some such fruits for family and friends. The season will last until April / May in the next year.

In the nearby Manapan Mountain, maple trees can be appreciated. Why not plan a one-day or two-day tour to enjoy the LOHAS town of Dahu along the beautiful Provincial Highway 3.

December is the strawberry month in Dahu

(Data source:Miaoli County Government)

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Last updated on: 2019-12-30
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