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Yuanlizun Old Water Gate is a historic site in Miaoli now

Release date:2020-02-04Number of Readers:660

Yuanlizun Old Water Gate, more than a century old, has recently been listed as a historic site in a “tangible cultural heritage review” held by the Miaoli County Government, through a proposal made by local devotees. Warehouse No. 5 of the Old Miaoli Train Station and Chuhuangkeng Dormitory No. 3 have also been listed as historic buildings, serving as additional special items to the county’s list of preserved cultural assets.

Yuanlizun Old Water Gate, now a historic site, is estimated to have been built during the years of Taisho of the Japanese Rule. Made with rocks and co-structured alongside Da’an River Bank, the water gate not only looks graceful but is in fact pretty solid. Well-preserved, it bears witness to the development of the paddy field culture in Yuanli and hydraulic engineering at the time. An old Japanese water gate in a rather good condition in modern Taiwan, it has much cultural value and thus worthy of continuous preservation.

Yuanlizun Old Water Gate is a historic site in Miaoli now

(Data source:United Daily News)

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Last updated on: 2020-02-27
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