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Maoli to launch five new mountain tours

Release date:2020-06-06Number of Readers:715

As the Tourism Bureau, MOTC promotes “Year of Mountain Tourism” in 2020, Miaoli County Government launches five mountain tours to advertise its mountain trails.

Huoyan Mountain Trail, Mingfeng Historic Trail, Xian Mountain Trail, Manabang Mountain Trail, and Jiali Mountain Trail, each boasting unique cultural and natural features, are selected for the tours. The government plans to hold more such thematic mountain-climbing tours in the near future, as well as other new, creative tours. The goal is to make Miaoli’s tourism sector alive again.

Huoyan Mountain Trail, located at the border between Sanyi County and Yuanli Township, was long selected as No.1 of the 100 must-visit trails in Taiwan. And it has thus attracted travelers from all over Taiwan. It should be noted that, of the five aforementioned trails, Huoyan Mountain Trail is the most likely to have falling rocks. Mountain climbers should therefore follow safety measures when taking this trail. Mingfeng Historic Trail and Xian Mountain Trail are relatively easy to take. Manabang Mountain Trail requires more physical strength. As to Jiali Mountain Trail, many enthusiastic mountain climbers have already set signs along it for visitors to follow.

Lastly, since every selected trail has its unique scenery and rich cultural charm, Miaoli’s Culture and Tourism Bureau will invite travel agencies to explore these trails ahead of general visitors. The bureau will also work with local B&Bs to design regional experiential tours, particularly mountain-trail tours.

Huoyan Mountain Trail, Mingfeng Historic Trail, Xian Mountain Trail, Manabang Mountain Trail

(Data source:Chinatimes)

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Last updated on: 2020-06-29
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