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Yuanli TownshipCement Installation, Yuanli Coastal Art Center

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  • Two layers of cement pipes are placed next to the rice fields
  • Next to the endless green rice wave, there are two layers of about 22 cement pipes.
  • The endless waves of green rice
  • Like the situation in the Japanese anime 'Doraemon'

This dual-layer installation contains 22 cement tubes and it is situated among green rice fields. Under the blue sky and white clouds, it manifests the beauty of the countryside. Children might find it familiar, since it looks like the tubes where Nobita and his friends gather up in famous Japanese comics Doraemon.

Close to Chushui Coasts, Heart’s Abode (restaurant / art museum), and Yuangang Fishery Port, the center is just three minutes away from the town center by car. Visitors may explore the old dormitories of the Japanese Rule at Shanjiao Elementary School, “colorful rice fields,” and Yuan li County Triangle Rush Exhibition Hall, and immerse in the romantic, leisurely countryside.


Natural EcologyExploring the Coast Line

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TEL: 886-37-863886

Business Hours: Daily open

Address: No. 64-11, Chushui, Yuanli Township, Miaoli County

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Last updated on: 2021-05-20
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