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Pick fruits and savor tea in Miaoli’s agricultural villages

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The 68.5km-long Green Light & Ocean Winds Bicycle Path in Miaoli provides beautiful views throughout Zhunan, Houlong, Tongxiao, and Yuanli. It also linkes up Hsinchu City’s 17km-long coast in the north and Dajia District of Taichung City in the south. Visitors can expect to have a remarkable cycling experience on this path.

Miaolimao Children’s Park in Miaoli and Shishan Children’s Park in Zhunan are ideal for families with children during the lunar New Year. Visitors can also explore the Orange Jasmine and Rose Forest in Touwu, Chuhuangkeng in Gongguan, bald cypress in Sanwan, and mountain and ocean scenery in Tongxiao. What’s more, Miaoli Leisure Farm holds berry and orange picking tours, serves local cuisine and Maoli black tea, and offers pottery and wood craft classes. The farm is also famous for a sea of clouds, fireflies, and Gongxuwei Railway. Have fun and try out delicacies in Miaoli!

Pick fruits and savor tea in Miaoli’s agricultural villages

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