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Additional bicycle trains for the Old Mountain Railway will be available in COVID-19 times

Release date:2021-03-05Number of Readers:580

The Old Mountain Railway bicycle trains have been highly popular for the refreshing, primitive forest scenery along the way. Thus, nearly 400,000 visitors have taken the trains since the COVID-19 outbreak. To make traveling more flexible in Miaoli, the county government decided to provide one more evening train for Routes A and C from April 2 to September 26, 2021. As to Route B, it depends on visitors’ needs. All members of the public are especially encouraged to explore Miaoli during the Tung blossom season and firefly-watching time by train. Visitors may go to the bicycle train’s booking website for the latest updates on the additional trains (including on national holidays).

The Old Mountain Railway features Shengxing Train Station - the station with the highest altitude in Taiwan, and century-old Longteng Bridge which suggests great engineering achievement. Both are worth some appreciation.

Old Mountain Line Rail Bike

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Last updated on: 2021-04-01
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