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Have fun till year end along the coasts of Miaoli

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Miaoli is Asia’s only county that owns two globally certified “slow towns.” It also boasts a 50km-long beautiful coastline that meanders through Zhunan, Houlong, Tongxiao, and Yuanli from north to south. There are even unique solar mills, Longfeng Fishery Port (hailed as western Taiwan’s most beautiful fishery port), and Sunset Boulevard (Taiwan’s most impressive scenic highway). Miaoli is famous for traditional fishing, Goddess Mazu worship, and colorful rice fields, too. To promote coastal tourism, the county government has held the “Miaoli Slow Fish” project, Maioli Coastal Land Art Festival, and Sea Breeze Theater this year.

One thing worth noticing is that the colorful rice fields are created by Yuanli Township Farmers’ Association with the following theme: “press on, Taiwan - wishing for a peaceful year.” Travellers can expect to feel energized in Miaoli, even in pandemic times. While taking preventive measures against COVID-19, why not visit Miaoli for a wonderful, relaxing coastal vacation.

The colorful rice fields

Sunset Boulevard

Sea Breeze Theater

Travellers can expect to feel energized in Miaoli

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Last updated on: 2021-09-30
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