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Enjoy slow-fish travel in post-pandemic Miaoli

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“Miaoli Slow Fish,” an eco-tourism project, contains the following five themes: Blue Ocean, Blue Education, Traditional Fishing, Blue Organizations, and Blue Travel.

Visitors may start with “Blue Travel” by doing waterfront leisure activities in Zhunan, ride bicycles along coastal trails with railway and mountain views in Houlong, learn about Goddess Mazu in Tongxiao, and finally try some delicious food in Yuanli’s open market.

“Blue Ocean” emphasizes environment protection and ocean conservation. Through the 2021 Miaoli Southern Ocean Landscape Art Festival, the Culture and Tourism Bureau hopes to raise people’s awareness of ocean conservation, including plastic waste reduction and energy sustainability.

“Blue Education” advocates the protection of oceans by holding fish farming and dining experiences and the “Big Ocean School.” It works with the schools in Miaoli County to advertise the spirit of slow fish.

“Traditional Fishing” aims to revive the local fishing industry and pass down traditional fishing methods. Waipu is especially famous for Hehuan and Munai Stone Weirs. In late October, a traditional fishing event will be held for visitors to enjoy catching fish with fishnets.

“Blue Organizations” advertises village cuisine, ocean friendliness, and local businesses. Starting in August, a series of slow-fish workshops have been held to write new regional slow-fish recipes. The spirit is: knowing fish well, using locally produced ingredients, and enjoying seasonal flavors.

Miaoli County Magistrate Hsu Yao-chang noted that a journey to Miaoli when COVID-19 is less threatening is feasible. He encouraged visitors to take a soothing walk along the coasts and feel embraced by mountains and the sea in Miaoli.

Munai Stone Weirs

revive the local fishing industry and  pass down traditional fishing methods

Longfeng Fishing Port Fresh Fishery Auction Market

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