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Zhunan Tourism & Culture Festival was held at Zhunan Brewery

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Zhunan is the second largest township in Miaoli County. There are many tourist attractions to explore in Zhunan, such as Zhunan Brewery, Qiding Tunnel, Longfeng Fishery Port, Luguang Coastal Bicycle Path, Shishan Family Park, Zhunan Sports Park, Miaobei Arts & Cultural Center, and Four Ways Ranch. The township is also equipped with a public bicycle network and a train station. It is ideal for visitors with cars or those wishing to take eco-friendly small trips. Zhunan has in fact been hailed as one of the top 100 small towns in Taiwan by the Tourism Bureau, MOTC. 

Not long ago on November 7, the 2021 Zhunan Tourism & Culture Festival took place in Zhunan Brewery. Show girls’ performances, open markets, and free beer tasting events were held. Many locals attended the occasion. People from all parts of the country were cordially invited to visit Zhunan and feel its cultural charm. A prize draw was provided to those who spent NT$500 or more.

* Please be reminded that driving after drinking is prohibited. Adolescents are forbidden to drink either. And excessive drinking is detrimental to health!

Group photo of guests

Activities attract parents and children to have fun

All-you-can-drink beer

(Data source: Miaoli County Government)

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Last updated on: 2021-11-30
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