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Strawberries are ripe for harvesting in Miaoli, Dahu; take hot spring baths as well

Release date:2021-12-10Number of Readers:591

Much loved by the public in Taiwan, Dahu’s strawberries enter their final harvesting time. On December 9, a marketing and sales press conference was held by Dahu District Farmers’ Association on a tourist strawberry farm in Dahu. The guests tried strawberries on the occasion and loved the fruits’ delicious, sweet, citrus-like taste. Miaoli County Magistrate Hsu Yao-chang encouraged people to pick strawberries, take hot spring baths, watch beautiful scenery, and try local food. They may also take part in Miaoli Travel Festival plus a posh-car prize draw. 

In Dahu, roughly 450 hectares of land are planted with strawberries, which take up 80% of Taiwan’s total strawberry production. In the country’s largest place of strawberry production, strawberry farmers continue to sharpen plant-breeding and farming skills, with assistance from an agricultural research and extension station. Dahu’s strawberries have become more delicious by the year, and whenever people think of strawberries, they think of Dahu. This year, the weather is especially suitable for strawberries to grow, and thus the fruits’ quality is higher than ever. All members of the public are cordially to place their orders or pick strawberries personally in Dahu, Miaoli.

For the first time, Dahu District Farmers’ Association works with T.K. Food, a famous pastry brand from Chiayi, to sell “cubic pastries” of the strawberry flavor. The snack, a bit salty and a bit sweet, in a pinkish color and sending out a strawberry’s aroma, is truly lovable. At local restaurants, a range of strawberry dishes are served, such as spaghetti with strawberry-wine sauce and strawberry risotto. The one-and-only strawberry soft drinks and strawberry soft ice are available as well. Why not give them a try, if you are in Dahu!

The Miaoli Dahu strawberry, which is widely loved by the Chinese people, has officially entered the harvest season

On the morning of the 9th, the Great Lakes Association of Farmers held a press conference for listing and marketing at the Sightseeing Strawberry Farm in Great Lakes

(Data source: Leisure Farming & Travel in Miaoli)

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Last updated on: 2021-12-30
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