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Tong Xiao LOHAS Village with 8 Colorful Routes for Fun

Release date:2022-03-11Number of Readers:367

The Fuxing Nanhe Leisure Agricultural District in Tong Xiao won the honor of one of the top ten classic farming and fishing village, showing the trend of happy living in mountain villages in Tong Xiao with the concept of "low carbon, sustainability, and green life". Recently, the community has combined the four aspects of food and agriculture DIY activity, natural hand-made products, agronomic experience, and environmental therapy with local landscape, lodging, and stores. 8 colors are selected to represent the special experience of the area and that there are a total of 8 routes of different colors for fun. The public can freely choose and mix according to their interests to explore Tong Xiao in-depth and enjoy great scenery there.

Blue line - North dike of the fishing port in Tong Xiao where visitors can enjoy the sea view and immerse themselves in the beauty of the blue sea and sky.

Red line - Deciduous cypress avenue where visitors can enjoy the picturesque natural scenery.

Orange line - Visitors can make appointments with the farmers in Tong Xiao and enjoy the pleasure of one-day fruit picking on the farm.

Yellow line - Haowangjiao Homestay where visitors can enjoy watching butterflies and fireflies and experience kumquat citrine DIY activity.

Green line - Town South, an organic farm, where visitors can experience fresh vegetables picking; Green Hill where visitors can go on a picnic in the secret meadow; Ruyi Yuan Forest Hut Homestay where visitors can make pizza with hands.

White line - Flying Cow Ranch where visitors can take part in various kinds of interactive and experience activities. They can fly kites in the meadow, feed calves with milk, watch duck parade, and make ice cream with milk themselves.

Brown line - Visitors can taste coffee at Santend Coffee, stroll through the camphor trees for forest bathing, and then go to the Red Dragonfly Homestay for creating an exclusive and natural art work with seeds.

Colorful line - Visitors can appreciate unique pines and strange rocks and make colorful turtle-shaped rice cakes in the Cui Song Yuan Homestay and then go to the Firefly Farm, famous for its natural ecology, to experience hand-weaving for stress relieving.

Visitors can appreciate unique pines and strange rocks

visitors can experience fresh vegetables picking


(Data source: Leisure Farming & Travel in Miaoli)

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Last updated on: 2022-03-28
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