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Go watching tung blossoms and visiting Hakka villages in Miao Li. Enjoy the romantic flower feast and be with tung blossoms.

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From April to May, there are tung blossoms almost everywhere in the mountains and forests. In Spring and Summer in Miao Li, there is beautiful scenery, the spectacular tung blossoms, that attracts tourists during the period. The major tung blossom viewing areas in Miao Li are located in San Yi township, Nan Zhuang township, Gong Guan township, Da Hu township, Tong Luo township, and Zhuo Lan township.

Both the old mountain railway line and the Shuang Tan Leisure Agricultural Area in San Yi township are popular scenic spots for viewing tung flowers. Shen Zhao Shan Tung Blossom Hiking Trail, Penglai River Fish Protection Trail, Lion Mountain Historic Trail, and Xiao Dong River Hiking Trail in Nan Zhuang township are also choices for beautiful flowers. The Da Lu Keng and Chu Huang Keng Historic Trails in Gong Guan township provide a quiet environment for viewing tung flowers. The Salt Transport Historic Trail in Tong Xiao township, the Tea Transport Historic Trail in Zhuo Lan township, the Dawuo Ecological Park in Da Hu township and Jiang Ma Yuan, the ginger garden, in Li Lin Village, and the vicinity of Yung Ho Shan Reservoir in San Wan township are also secret scenic mountains and forests that visitors do not want to miss. It is recommended that when visitors come to see tung blossoms, they can also go visiting the tourist attractions nearby, shopping in the markets in old streets, hiking on the trails and tasting Hakka-style delicacies to feel the charm of the “April Snow” in Miao Li.

Go watching tung blossoms

Enjoy the romantic flower feast

(Data source: Leisure Farming & Travel in Miaoli)

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Last updated on: 2022-04-22
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