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Miaoli Rural Tours Ready to Explore the International Market

Release date:2023-06-01Number of Readers:114

Miaoli County has 11 high-quality recreational agricultural areas with very different scenery throughout the year. In June, Jiangmayuan recreational agricultural area launched a series of activities and the Miaoli County Zaociao Pumpkin Festival was also held. Visitors are invited enjoy the beautiful scenery and authentic Hakka cuisine of the Miaoli countryside -- experience rural customs and delicious cuisine.

Miaoli County Government has combined e-commerce platforms and electronic payments to create a convenient and friendly environment that enables tourists to enjoy the delicious food and beautiful scenery of rural Miaoli in the most relaxed and convenient way possible.

This year, Miaoli County Government will help local business operators attend international travel exhibitions to promote rural tours in the county to the wider world and attract more oversea tourists through international exchanges.

Miaoli Rural Tours Ready to Explore the International Market

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Last updated on: 2023-07-24
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