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2023 Sanyi Wood Sculpture Art Festival "Qi of Art, Wood Art and Slow Carnival" Grand Opening

Release date:2023-10-11Number of Readers:82

 The 2023 Sanyi Wood Sculpture Art Festival event series - "Qi of Art, Wood Art and Slow Carnival" officially launched on the 7th October. It started with worshiping The Great Skills Teacher - Lu Ban Gong to convey respect and gratitude to the founder Lu Ban. In the afternoon, an enthusiastic talent show, event opening and award ceremony were held, inviting everyone to experience the infinite mystery of wood sculpture.

Domestic and foreign tourists are welcome to participate in this wood art carnival centered on "wood carving" with the "Qi of Art" as its theme as Sanyi's famous "Slow City." Visit Sanyi and take part in wood sculpture events, appreciate the beauty of wood art and experience the pleasure of a slow tour around the mountain city. Come and enjoy the soul relaxing "Taste of Sanyi, Heartfelt Journey of the Slow City."


2023三義木雕藝術節「藝氣 木藝慢活嘉年華」盛大開幕



Data Source : China Times

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Last updated on: 2023-10-18
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