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2023 Tongluo Chrysanthemum Taro Festival kicked off with a beautiful sea of flowers and attractive local delicacies

Release date:2023-11-13Number of Readers:35

The "2023 Miaoli Tongluo Chrysanthemum Taro Festival with peace and luck" agricultural product promotion event hosted by the Tongluo Township Farmers' Association was held from November 10th to 12th. A large number of tourists flocked to the main venue, with blue sky, white clouds and a vast sea of flowers, which many were eager to photograph, as the agricultural specialty market on the sidelines bustled with activity. Everyone is welcome to come to Miaoli to enjoy flowers, travel, experience the beautiful scenery and delicious food from rural Miaoli, where you can purchase local high-quality agricultural products.
This year, six flower-appreciation routes have been planned. The best time to view the flowers is from mid-November with the flower-viewing period lasting for about one month. Let’s go and enjoy the view.


2023銅鑼杭菊芋頭節登場 花海美景、在地美食吸引遊客造訪


Data Source : Yahoo News

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Last updated on: 2023-11-15
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