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Shitan TownshipGui Ju Yuan Homestay

Hospitable B&B
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Gui Ju Yuan B&B, located in Shihtan (Shitan) , Miaoli, stands in beside Highway No. 3, is a new building with gray and white and a significant landmark. From here you can overlook the pleasant country scene of Shihtan mountains, and having a spacious space; it is an excellent choice of place for enjoying the Mid-Autumn Festival. Mr. Huang Rongzong, the innkeeper, brought his family together back to hometown Shihtan after retirement, and decided to build a high-quality living space for home, During building the house, he had an idea to ​​operate a B&B. The B&B is located close to Taiwan Highway No. 3 surrounded by mountains. To close the distance between you and the sky is only to raise your head, and when facing the myriad of mountains, you catch the view of the greeting emerald green of the whole valley. Take a deep breath, you then inhale the freshness of the mountains immediately. The dawn of sunrise at here is comparable to that of Cingjing (Qingjing) Farm. If lucky enough, you are able to watch the domineering posture of an eagle soaring in the sky. When the sun goes down, night falls, and the vast starry sky is hanging over. While frogs croak, birds chirp, sweet Osmanthuses give off a fragrance, you brew a pot of tea and enjoy the life unavailable in the city but available in the most natural environment. A place you feel the warmth of home with rich real human interest, where you can have fun of playing the toys of old days, and breakfast of Hakka flavor. A real B&B the travelers have frequented repeatedly. Gui Ju Yuan offers spacious lawns, moon watching balcony, private indoor parking spaces, featuring a quiet and comfortable environment and relaxing countryside ambience. Whether it is family or group outings, you can enjoy the pleasure of a pleasance. Welcome to Gui Ju Yuan.

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Last updated on: 2018-12-27
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